Datchworth Conservation Area

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The Editor

Datchworth Parish Magazine

                                                                                                            23rd December, 2019

Dear Editor,

Datchworth Conservation Area?

I believe we all value the quality of our surroundings. I am proud to have lived for many years in such an attractive area and in particular the pleasant Datchworth village green and the main crossroads. Whenever our village comes-up in conversation, those from outside always mention how ‘nice’ our village is.


Like many, I have become somewhat dismayed by certain building developments in and around the Green recently and others which have yet to be built but enjoy the benefit of planning permission. Certain tree work recently undertaken on private land has also disfigured a key part of the Green’s setting, in my view.


For these reasons via the Parish Magazine I would like to canvass the idea of promoting the vicinity of the Green and crossroad as a Conservation Area. If there is sufficient positive reaction from residents to this idea, I would then discuss with Tony Stowe our local District Councillor and subsequently approach our Parish Council for the matter to be considered at a future meeting.


From here, it would then be a matter of making the case to East Hertfordshire District Council who would hopefully undertake the necessary appraisal of the area and formally designate under the Civic Amenities Act 1967, (as amended).


The consequence of designation would enable greater ‘control’ by the District Council. Demolition of buildings would require consent, a higher threshold of good design will be required with all development needing to either preserve or enhance local character. Certain building works not currently requiring planning permission would then require it. Works to trees will need Conservation Area consent.


This has implications for those living or working within any designated Conservation Area. It also has implications for the Parish Council who maintain many trees. But I believe the benefits outweigh the drawbacks.


I would be pleased to hear the views of others. Please write to me at the above address or e-mail me at: galaxy.bouncers@btinternet.com


I will write again to the Magazine with the outcome of responses.




Dean Goodman